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Shared Lives Training from a Trainer’s Perspective

Shared Lives Training from a Trainer’s Perspective

Shannon Kendrick



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Ever wondered what Shared Lives Training is all about? One of our lovely trainers has agreed to share her experience of facilitating Shared Lives Training.


The week before the Shared Lives Training, I am always excited about meeting and getting to know the participants attending the two-day training. I look at who is attending, learn their names, where they are travelling from, which agency they are connected to, what type of care they’re interested in and where they’re up to in the process of becoming foster carers.


I enjoy the mix of group activities. The content delivered is interspersed with videos from carers, psychologists who are experts in their field, children who have been in care and the stories of the birth parents themselves. By the end of Shared Lives, we have looked at foster care from each of the different perspectives.


On the first day of training, I observe participants are usually a little quiet and unsure as they get to know one another. On the second day, as the participants arrive there is always a lighter feel, with people smiling and chatting among themselves. It is generally more relaxed, and a few jokes are shared within the group.


The content covered in the first day is the heaviest of the two days. Potential carers tell us that is day one can be confronting, emotional and leave participants feeling exhausted. Yet, others feel affirmed in what they are doing and feel better resourced for the task of caring. By the end of day two, the participants say they have learnt a great deal of important and relevant information to take with them on the journey to care for children as foster carers.


Once the training is completed, there is nothing our trainers like better than to continue the fostering journey with carers by undertaking their assessment. This gives them the opportunity to further develop the relationship with carers and build on the skills and knowledge they gained from Shared Lives.

If you are interested in attending Shared Lives or have the qualifications and interest to facilitate Shared Lives Training, please Contact us.

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