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More than ‘just’ an assessment

More than ‘just’ an assessment

Shannon Kendrick



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At Caring with Carers, we know that foster care assessments are really more than ‘just’ an assessment. Our team understands that completing an assessment is more than just answering prescribed questions from a book.

More than ‘just’ an assessment


Due to the responsibility carers have when caring for traumatised children, a foster care assessment is a detailed process. Whilst an assessment is necessary to determine applicants’ ability to provide care, the process can also provide the opportunity for some deep reflection on life experiences. Part of each assessment discusses applicants’ experiences of trauma, grief and loss and their personal resilience. At times, these can be confronting topics to discuss and can unearth unresolved feelings. The assessment process can give applicants the chance to consider how these life experiences impact their lives now, and as a result, the way they respond to others.


Because our team of assessors are highly trained and experienced, a Caring with Carers foster care assessment can also be an educational experience for carer applicants. Our assessors ensure applicants can feel confident to ask any questions they may have about fostering. Often, applicants ask our assessors questions that they may think are ‘silly’, or questions about things they assume an agency will expect them to know already.


An assessment or review with Caring with Carers is far from clinical. Our assessors are compassionate and understand that the outcomes of such assessments/reviews can have far-reaching impacts for applicants and carers alike. With that in mind, we ensure all recommendations and decisions are communicated with compassion and respect.


At Caring with Carers, we are happy to speak with applicants at any stage throughout the assessment process to provide information or answer questions. But our support doesn’t end there. We receive many phone calls from carers we have assessed previously. We are more than happy to help carers locate services for children in their care or provide information on how to move towards  a more permanent care category, such as Guardianship. Our team is always happy to help, and we love to hear fostering success stories.

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