Support Services for Out of Home Care Agencies

Children and Young People in out-of-home care need stability. They need the best possible carers to be part of their future.

However, in an industry where the work is intense and often reactive, Case Managers & Caseworkers need to prioritise averting a crisis over all other tasks.

Which is why Caring with Carers exists, to support Out of Home Care agencies through a variety of services including Therapeutic Life Story Work, assessments, training, and family finding.

In addition, our team works directly with people wishing to become foster carers, existing foster carers, plus children and young people in out-of-home care.

  • We are passionate about what we do

  • All assessors have SBS16 registration

  • We value ‘family’ of all compositions

  • Competitively priced

  • Staff have exceptional “real world” industry experience, combining practical know-how with a professional approach

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What We Do

Caring with Carers provides three core services which are Therapeutic Life Story Work, Assessments & Training.  As an organisation, however,  we are always ready to take on tasks outside these core services.

Therapeutic Life Story Work

A six step framework that effectively guides children and young people who have experienced trauma in their past, towards living a fulfilling life.

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We undertake various assessments which are conducted using evidence based models. All assessments are completed to a high standard that aim to thoroughly investigate applicant and carer suitability in order to minimise placement breakdown.

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We provide training and mentoring programs for carer applicants and existing carers. Training packages can be delivered in group or individual settings.

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Compassion, Professionalism, Confidentiality & Efficiency

At the core, we treat those we work with, assess and train with compassion and respect. Around this, we maintain strict confidentiality, knowing the potential damage some information can do if communicated without permission and cause. Our professional approach across all work fronts ensures high quality results in the most efficient manner possible.

Therapeutic Life Story Work

The greatest gift we can give to children and young people who have experienced trauma is the opportunity to process, reflect and develop compassion for themselves and others. 

We’ve found great success through Therapeutic Life Story Work as a framework. Find out more…

The Assessor was very respectful, approachable and made conversation easy.

– Neil & Kathy.

We give the Assessor 10/10. Her manner was calm, friendly and professional.

Anne & Clint.

Thank you for the care you have taken and the work you have put into this to date. Tony and I are particularly thankful for the time you spent with us and for always putting us at ease.

Tony & Carolyn

What a massive and thorough effort! Thank you again for taking the time to get to know us and understand our history. We are so fortunate that we were given the opportunity to work with you as you took the time (and lots of time) to listen and get to know us.

Evelyn & Paul

Caring with Carers have provided excellent service to us as an OOHC / PSP provider. They have responded to requests for carer and kinship assessments both urgent and not. They also have provided training that really assists us to process carer applications. I have always found their service to be of highest quality and the commitment and support second to none.

They are great advocates for carers and will acknowledge us as an agency in foster care week. Truly inspiring!

Partnering Agency

I am an Assessor with Caring with Carers and I am a relatively new staff member. I live in a country area whereby the agency is hoping to access the central and northern areas of NSW for the purpose of assessing prospective foster carers. I find the staff of Caring with Carers very efficient, caring and ‘on the ball’. I have only been with the agency a short time and although I live remotely in Central NSW, I am always included in meetings, training and other events. It is commendable that the agency is a finalist in the North Shore Local Business Awards and I wish the agency the best in securing a win because they work hard and are innovative in their approach to foster care assessing.

Team Member

Caring with Carers represents the perfect blend of warmth, efficiency and professionalism at a competitive rate. Assessment turnaround is fast yet content is thorough, detailed and objective. Five stars!

Partnering Agency

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