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A Special Week for Australian Foster Carers

A Special Week for Australian Foster Carers

Shannon Kendrick



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Published on

In the Out of Home Care sector, this week is dedicated to thanking, celebrating and most importantly acknowledging foster and kinship carers.

As some of you may say, we shouldn’t need a week to be thankful, this is true. We are forever thankful to all the carers and what they do for the children and young people in need of a safe and secure home. This care could be for family members, children/young people they have only just met, or other children/young people that have been living in placement for a long time.

Over the coming week, Caring with Carers will be in Perth with many other professionals in the industry and most importantly other foster and kinship carers, for the National Foster and Kinship Conference.

I will be attending the seminars and looking forward to hearing from Lucy Peake who has come out from the UK and will be speaking in relation to the program “Grandparents Plus”. Bonnie will be at the stand speaking with agencies about the services we offer.

I would personally like to thank everyone in the OOHC sector for all the work they do – professionals, carers and everyone else behind the scenes.

Happy National Foster Care Week!


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