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More than just a kid in care

More than just a kid in care

Shannon Kendrick



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Do you want to listen to a great Podcast series? Caring with Carers have been listening to the new podcast series released by Family and Community Services called “More than just a kid in care”.

There have been four recordings so far. These topics are Identity, Belonging, Participation and Rights. This podcast is aimed to overcome the stigma that comes with children and young people who are in Out of Home Care. The discussion in these podcasts is from young people being open and honest about their personal experiences.

I first started listening to the podcast whilst I was driving and, surprisingly, I found myself talking back to the podcast on the stereo and nodding as I listened. I particular liked the first podcast. In this podcast, a young person spoke about “being saved”. She said, “I don’t need you to save me, sometimes we need to save ourselves first.” This was a very powerful statement that needs to be remembered when we are working in this sector. Let’s not try to be the fixer of it all; let’s empower those we work with to look at their path and discover how they can keep moving or change direction.

I don’t want to spoil anymore for you, so click on the links below to have a listen.



FACS Website: 

If you’ve had a listen to “More than just a kid in care”, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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