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Caring with Carers is a 100% Australian business based in Sydney, NSW. Operating in NSW and the ACT, we work with many organisations to undertake Therapeutic Life Story Work as well as certified and professional assessments in the Out of Home Care sector.

We also deliver professional training programs supporting Out of Home Care agencies to educate people already caring, foster care applicants and the biological children of families that foster.

At Caring with Carers our key driver is to alleviate some of the burden on agencies by assessing potential carers. This allows agencies to spend more time supporting their children and young people and the carers who care for them.

When working with us you know who you are dealing with; from speaking with our Director, Shannon, through to each individual assessor.

Why we got started

Caring with Carers exists for the benefit of children, families and carers of all descriptions.

Having witnessed first hand the reactive and often crisis driven nature of the Out of Home Care sector, we aim to support our partner agencies through assessment and training.

Our people

Our team of assessors, trainers and support staff are all dedicated to ensuring the best outcomes for children, young people and their carers.

Team members are carefully selected; they are selected because they embrace the same values and vision where families are concerned. We treat children, applicants and carers with respect and consider confidentiality to be paramount.

What’s in it for us

As individuals, we are driven by a desire to ensure children are as safe as possible; physically, emotionally and mentally.

The work can be challenging, however, seeing the positive impact of our work is priceless. We love hearing positive news about placements that are thriving, successful restoration stories and children’s progress.

Unashamedly, we celebrate these wins along side the agencies we support.

I find the staff of Caring With Carers very efficient, caring and ‘on the ball’. The agency works hard and is innovative in their approach to foster care assessing.


I love working for Caring With Carers!  The team is supportive, professional, innovative and committed. The support provided by Management is fantastic, and as a result, team members are enthusiastic and motivated. I love the variety provided in the work, opportunities for skill development, and the flexible, supportive team environment. Definitely one of the best career decisions I have made! 


Work with us

Every Caring with Carers team member is specifically recruited to represent our business. We work in a time efficient and professional manner that gives the team a strong sense of job satisfaction. At Caring with Carers we believe there is always more to learn and achieve. Perhaps you would like to join our team?

Working with Caring with Carers can provide you with the opportunity to keep your assessment and writing skills on point whilst keeping your work life balance. Assessments and Training can provide a practical way to stay engaged in our industry, develop professionally and help educate children, young people and new and existing carers.

  • Maintain work life balance

  • Gain continuing professional development

  • Work with a great team of like minded people

  • Make a real difference in people’s lives

  • Travel off the beaten track

  • Interact with carers and carer applicants assisting them develop practical skills and knowledge

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